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    The microphone can be connected to the 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing you to directly monitor the sound in real time without delay, or listen and record at the same time. The professional cardioid polar pattern captures your voice perfectly and accurately, focusing on optimizing the sound output. With a powerful compatibility mode, Whether you connect this mic to your desktop computer or laptop, it works smoothly. It can also be used to chat with friends on youtube live or skype, etc.


    • Various RGB lighting:¬†The backlight setting of the microphone is the most dynamic and romantic design. It has a variety of Static solid colors, Dynamic multi-color gradients, and Dynamic solid-color gradients, With the colorful computer accessories, the cool feeling of the game is maximized and the exciting atmosphere of fighting is driven.
    • Quick mute:¬†The one-button mute, Mute button is very sensitive to the touch, and just one touch is enough to immediately isolate the sound from leaking. The hidden volume dial behind the microphone makes it easy and quick to adjust the volume level to achieve your purpose, or you can adjust the volume level through external software.
    • Metal pop filter:¬†Mainly made of metal and can be easily disassembled, blocking out breathing, noise, droplets, etc. Reducing annoying noises and highlighting the deep bass in your voice and conveying a clear message.
    • High quality and convenience:¬†Plug and play, provide a user-friendly design, a one-plug automatic switch, you plug it into your USB port, it will automatically install the driver in the background of your Windows or Mac computer Program connection, easy to operate. Detachable high-quality 2 meters long fifing¬†USB cable can be easily folded without traces.


    • Element:¬†Condenser
    • Polar Pattern:¬†Cardioid
    • Power Supply:¬†5V
    • Operating Current:¬†200mA
    • Output:¬†USB
    • Sensitivity:¬†-40+/-30dB
    • Frequency Response:¬†50Hz-20KHZ

    What's include in the Box?

    • 1 x¬†USB Microphone for Recording

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Nolan Treutel

    The first impression of the microphone is chic.
    Delivered on time (even a day ahead of schedule). The box was slightly scuffed on the outside, but inside the device is perfectly preserved.

    Outwardly, the microphone looks great, feels also pleasant. The stand is sturdy and the wire is long enough to stretch across the table. Sound is also very good. The microphone is far enough away from me, but it still perfectly picks up my voice.
    The people who heard me through the new Micro are highly appreciated.

    While the first day of use, but the impressions are wonderful. I hope it will last long and great)))

    Rocio Osinski

    The microphone is really top for its money in essence.
    In fact, you all know what and how in it, just say that I'm satisfied but, I think it's better to buy a discount for Ifin XLR which. You can buy it immediately with the pantograph, and the sound will be better (look at YouTube). But if you don't look at it all, then the microphone is just juicy in sound, and in design. If you do not want to "punch" with sound, and just put, and just talk-your option!

    Arne Marks

    What I can say, the microphone is a bomb for my money, I think it's a good option to 4 K, everything works normally, the connection is intuitive, there is a backlight, and also delivery on time. Would be my will, I would put 6 stars. P.S. I thought that the microphone would be larger in size...

    Freda Cartwright

    The microphone is excellent, it didn't take much time to adjust, almost everything is set itself. With the box all a thrill, there are no dents, but I saw reviews where they seemed to sit on the box on purpose, that the microphone would definitely have suffered there, but at the same time it is whole. Okay, let's go. Records well, but nothing to compare, since my first. But I didn't understand the delivery of the joke. This is not critical, of course, but why write that he will come on November 19 (ordered 17), but in the end it was delayed for two days (21). I think that it is better to write that he will come, for example, 25, but in the end Bam and 21 arrived and it is pleasant to my soul)) I heard that the software seems to be on it until I checked it, as I check-I will add the review. Well, the microphone itself looks funny, though the Fifainov smiley face is barely visible when it is so bright in the pictures. Well, as you use it, if something is found-I will add it here. For now, it's all high.

    Janis Cummerata

    Very good but we need a software would be better